Open the Door to Nantucket Real Estate

The updated booklet was published in early July and has been distributed to all on-island offices. The digital version is now on-line and can be found HERE. If you need more printed copies, please contact Yesterday's Island directly at


Recently, the two most common infractions have been:


  1. For your listing:  failure to identify yourself as either related to the seller or having a direct financial interest in the property.

  2. For your sale:  failure to accurately enter sold data.  When a property closes it is the job of the listing office to completely log the closed sale information.  This includes whether or not the sale was direct or co-broked and who the selling agent was.


Thank you for your attention to these things going forward.


Short Term Rental Update

The Select Board has issued the first draft of the proposed STR regulations (as a result of the passage of Article 39). There will be an opportunity for input at least one public hearing to be held in September. 



The Short-Term Rental Workgroup is in the process of being formed by representatives from the Select Board, Planning Board and the Finance Committee. Initially, it was stated that NAREB would have seat on the committee; then it was to be a non-voting seat and now NAREB has no seat at all. The State Ethics Commission has ruled that there is a conflict of interest for people working in real estate to serve on the STRWG. How can the Town possibly make the best decisions for Nantucket without the input of those of us on the front lines of short term rentals?



Membership of STR Work Group:

- (1) Planning Board member (primary and alternate) (voting)

- (1) Finance Committee member (primary and alternate) (voting)

- (1) Advisory Committee of Non-Voting Taxpayers member (primary and alternate)


- (1) ACK•Now member (primary and alternate) (voting)

- (1) Nantucket Together member (primary and alternate) (voting)

- (1) Affordable Housing advocate (primary and alternate) (voting)

- (3) At-large members and (1) alternate (voting)

- (1) Board of Health designee (non-voting)

The deadline for submission of applications is this Friday, August 26th by noon to emooney@nantucket-ma-gov. Applicants will be announced at the Select Board meetings of September 7 and 14, after which the final members of the STRWG will be announced.