ATM 2022

Nantucket's Annual Town Meeting beings on Monday, May 2, 2022 at 5:00 PM at the Nantucket High School. If you attend only one meeting this year, this is the one you need to show up for (and bring a friend or two). NAREB has been working hard to provide accurate information about short-term rentals to the community so that voters can make fact-based decisions about the STR articles. We ask that you vote YES Articles 39 and 42 which put sensible, data driven guidelines in place for STR's. We urge you to vote NO on Article 43, sponsored by Tobias Glidden of ACK-Now, which would permit, by right, you to rent your property only if you live on Nantucket year-round and it is your primary residence(you would not be able to rent your cottage or tertiary dwelling unit). The article is unfair, divisive and will damage Nantucket's economy which is based upon tourism. This entire issue is about private property rights and who gets to control them.

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April Updates

The new Community Outreach Committee has established Days of Service for NAREB members to volunteer our time for the community. We are also in the process of updating the Before We Begin book (both high-quality print and digital), working with the Planning Department to ensure that the Town has access to factual data related to real estate and short-term rentals, and updating the NAREB By-Laws and Listing Service Rules. Let's hope we can meet in person before too long!


Please welcome new full members:

Bantry Way Brokerage, Andrew Lane, Boston, MA

The Hanley Garrette Group, Jay Hanley, Nantucket, MA

HomeSmart Heritage Realty, Jason Araujo, Fall River, MA